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The CINOP Foundation creates well-founded, integrated and practical solutions for complex education and job market issues. As your leading strategic partner in learning, we are dedicated to fostering optimum participation in society on the part of all citizens, now and in the future. We specialise in issues pertaining to flexibility, job market learning and professionalisation.

Lifelong development is a goal close to our heart. CINOP is a social enterprise, meaning that we do not strive for maximisation of profit but rather for sufficient revenue to guarantee continuity and innovation for our clients. Our team of 150 passionate professionals provides expertise with impact. Our strength at connecting people enables us, in conjunction with organisations in education, government and the business community, to give people every opportunity to work on their personal development and thus be able to contribute to society.

CINOP’s approach is characterised by personalised services for issues specific to you. Within the context of current topics such as flexibility, job market learning and professionalisation we provide a range of solutions covering:

  • support with vision and policy processes and their implementation;
  • programme management and project management;
  • development of expertise through training and courses;
  • team development and team coaching;
  • monitoring and evaluation, data analysis, policy and practical research;
  • tool development.

CINOP is also dedicated to fostering international mobility and European learning opportunities for students, adults and professionals in vocational education. Furthermore, given our knowledge and experience vis-à-vis the design and development of education, we are also involved in the transfer of knowledge to countries with relatively little experience in educating young people and adults.

1.1 Enhancement of flexibility

Social developments and the considerable dynamism on the job market call for a greater degree of flexibility on the part of both initial and post-initial education. How can educational establishments home in on the differences in learning requirements and learning needs of the target groups they serve, now and in the future? What options are there in terms of creating more space for customised approaches in a way that is feasible, practical and affordable? And how can we bolster the connection between education and the business community, particularly from a regional perspective?

Lifelong development

One of the ways to deal with these challenges is by making education more flexible: ensuring that education creates a range of opportunities concerning what, where, when and how people can study for a recognised degree or certificate. After all, lifelong learning is exceedingly important for individuals, the business community and society at large.

From vision to implementation

CINOP will help your organisation to solve this issue. We support schools, government and the business community when it comes to enhancing their flexibility at the individual and regional levels, from developing a vision to implementing it. The shift in mindset from supply-oriented to outcome-oriented working is an important principle in this regard. In addition, the development of personalised learning pathways is essential when it comes to rendering education and training more flexible, based on a blend of face-to-face instruction, online learning activities and workplace learning. CINOP provides advice and assistance in the use of tools required for the purposes of change and its implementation, and organises the accompanying professionalisation of management, teaching staff and support staff. Our advisory and implementation process for your organisation can also encompass efforts to enhance the flexibility of examination and assessment (independent of specific pathways).

1.2 Job market learning

CINOP believes in lifelong development. We are convinced that each and every human being continues to learn in various ways and at various stages throughout his or her life. Long-term employability of staff is crucial in a rapidly changing job market, and lifelong development is essential if people are to remain fit for that job market. In this context, we are targeting our efforts towards the shift from job security to work security, while we are aware that career development is not yet second nature to many (current or future) workers.

Strategic partner in complex issues

CINOP is a strategic partner when it comes to complex issues affecting today's job market, such as growing and shrinking sectors, intersectoral mobility and sector certification. We help intermediary organisations, employers’ organisations, trade unions, training funds and trade associations with good, clear analyses, assist them in identifying the right solution and implementing it. In this regard, consider sectoral and intersectoral training and mobility issues and setting up and implementing job market projects (large-scale or otherwise). We will examine your issues pertaining to staff turnover and staff progression as well as related topics like careers guidance, customised work and flexible training. We perform targeted research and analyse specific sticking points and questions presented by these complex issues.

Fostering a culture of learning

By providing customised solutions and abandoning standard patterns, we help employers and employees to take control of career development. In conjunction with institutes of education/training, we provide suitable solutions—solutions that also appeal to adults, with a key focus on fostering a culture of learning within organisations.

Participation in and connection with the job market

CINOP partners with government bodies and trade associations, for example, on training solutions at the interface between the public and private domains. From the perspective of our social task, we are good at spotting talent in young people and adults for whom vocational or academic education is not the most feasible option, e.g. due to functional illiteracy, a physical disability, mental illness, learning difficulties or behavioural or social problems. CINOP helps government ministries, institutes of education/training, local authorities and chain partners—such as the Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB), the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), the Service Centers on Education and Work (leerwerkloketten) and sheltered workshops—to foster improvements in terms of participation in or connection with the job market. We do so by joining forces with employers and local authorities to set up customised training programmes, to shape practical training within companies or to establish targeted programmes for careers guidance and orientation.

1.3 Professionalisation

In conjunction with local partners, vocational education has the challenging task of preparing students for work and helping them find a good place in society. This calls for an integrated perspective on organisational requirements and quality and innovation issues. CINOP provides advice and guidance to institutions of vocational education when it comes to developing and maintaining a professional learning community.

Expertise on various current topics

Our research experience and our involvement in policymaking have given us expertise on a variety of current topics, including 21st-century skills in students and career competences, as well as pedagogical/didactic professional skills and an inquisitive mindset on the part of teaching staff. Furthermore, for years now we have been promoting educational leadership in managers, cooperation and learning within teams, flexible education, curriculum development, examination and fostering a quality-oriented culture. From this wide-ranging expertise, we support teams and schools in the development and provision of better education.

Integrated approach

CINOP champions an integrated approach. We achieve sustainable impact for you by unifying substantive expertise with improvements in quality, embedding it within team and organisational processes and monitoring results in each and every process. In our eyes, professionalisation goes beyond training for teaching staff or a masterclass for management.

2. Ecbo

Part of CINOP, the Centre for Expertise in Vocational Education and Training (ecbo) develops, amasses and disseminates knowledge on and for vocational education. Education serves a significant societal interest, and vocational education in particular is subject to constant reform and innovation. We contribute to the quality and significance of vocational education for the benefit of further education, the job market and social participation.

Experts in a variety of research methods and techniques

Together with schools and our external knowledge partners, ecbo clarifies issues within vocational education. To this end we use a variety of research methods and techniques, both qualitative and quantitative. We are at home in monitoring and evaluation, literature and pilot studies, focus groups and interviews, surveys and analysing databases (large-scale or otherwise). Above all, by making this research knowledge accessible to and usable by policy administrators, directors, managers and teaching staff, we are contributing to the reform and improvement of vocational education.

3. Handicap + studie

The handicap + studie centre of expertise is part of CINOP. In collaboration with stakeholders, it develops innovative, practical solutions for more inclusive education—education that is open to as many different students as possible and reduces the need for specific adjustments. The ultimate aim is to enable young people with a disability to study successfully on a course of their choice.

Accessible education for all

The handicap + studie centre of expertise provides support to education institutions in order to help make education accessible to students with a disability. By not focusing on the individual student but rather on optimum conditions within the education system, handicap + studie strives towards solutions that eliminate impediments not only to individual students but also to larger groups of students.

Amassing, enriching and disseminating knowledge

Crucially, handicap + studie is tasked with amassing and enriching knowledge as well as communicating with various professionals in education. Handicap + studie provides bespoke advice and helps ensure positive future prospects for students with a disability by means of legislative, educational, political and social changes. In addition, we make the most of new scientific insights that affect studying with a disability and Dutch education in general.



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